Chinnor Village Hall Committee would welcome any assistance in raising funds    😀😉

The Chinnor Village Hall has benefited from some generous Donations and Grants.  This money has been spent wisely. Two major projects for 2022 have been the landscaping in the car park, and installation of solar panels. Further improvements included:

  • LED Lighting throughout the building
  • Hand dryers in main facilities
  • Refurbishment of the Main Hall November 2014 - Jan 2015
  • Side external wall rendered
  • Wheelchair ramp built
  • Tables and Chairs purchased
  • Steam mop purchased to assist in keeping all the floors up to Health and Safety standards
  • Repairs to the front car park
  • Acoustic Panels (Anonymous donor)
  • Refurbishment of main kitchen Jan / Feb 2019 (Grant from Developer)
  • Installation of waterless urnials
  • Roof and gutter repairs
  • Demolition of chimney 

If you can help with fund raising or have any ideas please let us know by giving us a call on 07981920426 or email:- 



 We would like to thank all our Sponsors and those who have made generous donations to Chinnor Village Hall.  It costs over £2,500 per month to keep the Halls running and any monies received are channeled towards the upkeep / maintenance / refurbishment so as to ensure we have a Village facility attractive to all.



Zena Baker - Bookings CVH

08.12.2015 18:32

We will certainly look into this suggestion as there are many public events held at CVH. Many thanks for your idea.

Caz Pierce

11.08.2015 15:55

You advertise regular classes and groups but not hall users for single events, like our Chinnor Players Quiz night on September 19th. A diary/events page would benefit the hall and it's users!

Zena Baker - Bookings CVH

22.06.2015 12:35

What we could do is have a page giving details of classes together with the email contact for that class. See how it goes

Pam Swanston

27.05.2015 17:52

this website needs a "what's on when" page so we can see what there is and when it's on.

Rebecca Minter

21.06.2015 16:08

I agree, could we have a what's on and when page. Thank you

Zena Baker - Bookings Chinnor Village Hall

31.05.2015 13:30

Pam thank you for your comment. Classes do change, but if you email we can advise you what is currently on and when.

Latest comments

12.09 | 08:35

Morning, I have tried to contact you several times on the mobile number provided, however it seems this phone is never switched on, Could someone pls phone me 07852160861 regarding one of your custome

29.06 | 15:38

Hello Justin we have sent you 2 emails re your booking. One on Monday and again today. Check your junk mail as the emails are not bouncing back.

29.06 | 09:19

Hi Zena, trying to get hold of you to confirm details of our booking for the Small Hall on Sunday. Have sent you an email with my phone number and messaged you with the same on Facebook. Thanks.

27.06 | 14:38

Hello Rebecca thank you for your enquiry. Please send in the details to our generic mailbox (2003 are all numerals). We will then be able to see how we can help you. Kind regard

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