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Latest news for Chinnor Village Hall on the COVID-19 pandemic

The following advice for COVID-19 at Chinnor Village Hall 

The Chinnor Village Hall committee are doing their best to keep the halls, open, safe and welcoming.  Please help us to achieve this goal

  • Recommended to take a lateral flow test before attending CVH 
  • Reccomend the use of Hand Sanitizers particularly when entering the halls 
  • COVID-19 isolation area to remain in place  
COVID19 Isolation area
COVID19 Isolation area
Located in the main foyer and for the specific use of anyone feeling unwell with suspected COVID19 symptoms
Remember the signage is for all users benefit
On no account remove this first aid box from its location in the COVID19 isolation area
Sanitisers at all entrances
Sanitisers at all entrances
Don't forget to use
COVID19 Compliant
COVID19 Compliant
Specific isolation area located in the foyer
Specific isolation area located in the foyer
If you are unwell with suspected COVID19 symptoms wait in this are until you are able to go straight home

Chinnor Village Hall Safe Guarding Policy

Safe guarding

CVH Covid19riskassessment

Chinnor Village Hall Risk Assessment


Rebecca Alan

03.03.2021 18:05


I would be interested in hiring the hall on a regular basis for my Zumba Gold or Pilates classes. Obviously this won’t be until the hall opens back up for indoor exercise.

Zena Baker

03.03.2021 19:09

Hello Rebecca we are anticipating reopening from 17th May. Please send your enquiry to and we will be able to send you further information

Zena Baker - Booking Adminiatrator

30.09.2020 18:45

Hello Debbie thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we are not currently taking ad hic bookings due to the Corona Virus. Hopefully some time in the future we will be able to welcome you to Chinnor

Debby Hicks

30.09.2020 17:43

Hi, I was wondering if you had availability to book the large and small hall on the 21st November for a Christmas Bazaar and if so if restrictions are in place as to how many people were allowed in

Anne Davies

16.09.2020 14:36

Hi, my son left a green fitness watch at the hall last Thursday. Has one been handed in?

Zena Baker

16.09.2020 15:25

Yes it is by the server your tutor will be able to retrieve it for you as you will not be going into the hall in the usual way

Latest comments

12.09 | 08:35

Morning, I have tried to contact you several times on the mobile number provided, however it seems this phone is never switched on, Could someone pls phone me 07852160861 regarding one of your custome

29.06 | 15:38

Hello Justin we have sent you 2 emails re your booking. One on Monday and again today. Check your junk mail as the emails are not bouncing back.

29.06 | 09:19

Hi Zena, trying to get hold of you to confirm details of our booking for the Small Hall on Sunday. Have sent you an email with my phone number and messaged you with the same on Facebook. Thanks.

27.06 | 14:38

Hello Rebecca thank you for your enquiry. Please send in the details to our generic mailbox (2003 are all numerals). We will then be able to see how we can help you. Kind regard

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